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Business registration (sole trader or partnership), cash flow projection (3 years) duly certified by a Chartered Certified Accountant and documents for opening a business bank account!


Starting at TT$1,125 (VAT Inclusive)


Other providers include only a select few of the items below in their 'cheaper priced' package and then sell you other services separately. Why settle for partial services? We believe in advising you of ALL obligations upfront and have tailored our ALL INCLUSIVE registration package to get you on your way! A simple package includes:

  • Name Search & Reservation

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Notice of Directors

  • Notice of Address

  • Notice of Secretary

  • By-Laws

  • Pro-forma minutes of first meeting of shareholders

  • Return of Issuance of Transfer of Shares

  • Share Certificates

  • Return of Beneficial Ownership and accompanying declaration forms

  • Application for a Board of Inland Revenue file and tax account numbers

  • Registration with the National Insurance Board

  • Directors' resolution for opening business bank account

  • Cash flow projections (3 years) duly certified by a Chartered Certified Accountant

Starting at TT$3,375 (Vat Inclusive)

Note! - Incorporation of branch entities, subsidiaries or other complex structures is priced according to the client's specifications as these entail significant other procedures and requirements. These are quoted on request.

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Register your business or incorporate your company with fully customized packages to suit your requirements. All filing fees included!

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