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Client Engagement Framework

We kindly request that clients be mindful of the following when engaging with our firm. The intention of which is to ensure (and maintain) a mutually respectful and productive working relationship between the client and the firm;


  1. Communication Channels: We kindly request that telephone calls or emails be made during our regular working hours. This allows our team to provide you with the best possible service and ensures that your inquiries and concerns receive prompt attention.

  2. Designated Point of Contact: To ensure efficient communication, we designate a specific person within our firm to be your primary point of contact for the particular service you require. This helps streamline the flow of information and facilitates effective communication between our team and yourself.

  3. Proactive Client Support: Notwithstanding the above, our office staff (any member) may contact you to follow up on any matters related to your affairs. This proactive approach helps us stay updated on your needs and enables us to provide timely assistance and guidance.

  4. Fee Payment Policy: In the event of unpaid fees, the firm reserves the right to suspend further work until the outstanding balance is settled. We value our client relationships and expect that fee obligations are met in a timely manner to ensure the continuity of our services.

  5. Ad hoc Advisory Services: Any ad hoc advisory services requested beyond the scope of our agreed-upon engagement will be charged at professional rates. This ensures that the additional assistance provided is compensated appropriately, reflecting the expertise and effort required.

  6. Post Engagement Requests: For any post-engagement requests, such as requesting scanned copies of documents or re-submission of reports, we kindly ask that you communicate these through our office. This centralized approach helps streamline our document management process and ensures efficient handling of your requests.

  7. Physical Copy Charges: Should you require physical copies of documents, please note that they will be subject to professional rate charges. This accounts for the additional resources and time involved in producing and delivering hard copies.

  8. Communication Channels: While our team members value effective communication, we would like to clarify that the members of our team are not obligated to respond to calls or instant messages (text or otherwise) on their personal devices. We encourage you to reach out using our office number (498-4772) or the landline (665-2607), which are available for your convenience. 

  9. Convenient Communication: Please understand that calls or requests will only be taken or entertained when it is convenient for our personnel, taking into consideration their respective schedules. We strive to provide dedicated attention and focused service during appropriate time frames.


We appreciate your understanding and adherence to this client engagement framework as they are designed to enhance the overall quality of our services and ensure a smooth and productive working relationship.

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