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Strategy & Value Added

Our approach in any assignment undertaken by the firm will be dependent upon the terms of reference and the general framework (legal, statutory or otherwise) in which we are required to report.


The method adopted by the firm is that combination that will lead to the most efficient and cost effective approach that obtains the desired objective using the available resources. We ensure that where our report or services are directed, there will always be value added to the base exercise and that we report, act and generally think within the profession’s code of ethics and guidelines.

The firm’s policy is to program a continuous endeavor to upgrade its system and approach by re-educating, re-tooling, use of approved standardized programs, software technologies (including applications and cloud based systems) and other computerized audit and analytical aids so as to meet our clients highest expectations.


For consultancy services, we work closely with management to build quality into the process and recommend activities, controls and/or improvements to existing applications in order to remedy and plan for future implications (whether known or unknown). We believe that the availability of data and efficient data processing lends itself to informed decision making and sound advisory. We have employed the use of software technologies in this regard and our team are continuously trained in accordance with our training and development policy.

The firms internal monitoring mechanisms incorporating Supervisory, Engagement Partner and Quality Partner reviews throughout the engagement process allow for greater efficiency and the delivery of accurate results.

Our process applied to engagements comprise of the following key areas, inter alia;

  • Understanding the expectations of the client - through meetings, discussions and drafting and agreeing the terms of the engagement.

  • Develop and formalize the engagement plan - the plan is also communicated to the client and discussions are continually held throughout the engagement process.

  • Engagement performance and continuous improvement - through meetings and discussions with the client, reviewing feedback and finalizing the engagement in accordance with the planned terms (or amended terms as the case may be) and incorporating the firm's quality review process.

  • Reporting - reporting in accordance with the established parameters of the reporting obligation with reference to statutory, best practice or standard operating requirements.

  • Measure results - through meetings and discussions with the client and their independent reviews of our services performed and taking remedial action where appropriate.

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