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Corporate Social Responsibility

We aim at all times to conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable way and commit to behavior that benefits our stakeholders, our environment and the wider community. We recognize four (4) key areas that contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our Clients

We support our diverse clientele by providing quality services that meet their respective needs without prejudice to their size or nature of business activity. We continually work to ensure that our clients needs are met efficiently and effectively, that they benefit from our investments into continuing professional development for all members of our firm and that our communications remain clear, cordial and respectful.

Our People

We respect and support our staff and are committed to creating a culture of inclusion and diversity. We believe in fair pay compensation and a skilled, engaged and motivated workforce. We support our staff by investing in their on-going professional development (whether internally or externally) thereby equipping them with the skills and ability to perform well and to realize their full potential. We provide ongoing training and support (mentoring) in accordance with the parameters set by the ACCA for the training and development of aspiring students and members. We believe that supporting growth and development assist us in attracting and retaining talented individuals. Our annual mid-year paid internship positions are held available for students transitioning into employment or tertiary level education (whether part of full time) thereby equipping them with significant exposure, training and development to pursue their full potential.

Our Local Community

We believe and support our local community and support our members of staff and other colleagues who volunteer and lend their services to various charities, non-governmental organizations or fund-raising ventures for charitable purposes. We also support various health and wellness initiatives including half-marathons, 5k's and other sporting events with emphasis on community and youth engagement.


We also believe in offering our services on a pro-bono basis where we are able to so do and have in the past done so with respect to individuals in relation to debt counselling and debt management as well as consulting services directed towards the management of charities and non-governmental organizations in meeting their respective compliance obligations. 

Our Environment

We believe in caring for our environment and continually strive to incorporate environmental good practice into our workplace and taking a sustainable approach to waste management and minimizing our use of resources in the conduct of our operations. We are focused on improving our energy efficiency and reducing our carbon emissions. We have taken significant steps to deliver a paperless office and engage with our clients regularly through electronic means thereby minimizing the need for business travel. We recognize our responsibility to do business in a manner that protects and improves the environment for our future generations.

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